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Critique By: Roberto Arcari Farinetti  (K:209486) Donor  
6/1/2005 5:28:57 AM

stunning,... im without words for the fantastic effect of flash, the contast with the flag the composition and the absolutly fantastic perspective!!!
eh eh eh, the street is her..
see you later to the next one!
        Photo By: edward winton  (K:17)

Critique By: Joel Aron  (K:14920)  
3/12/2006 8:45:03 AM

Wow! Stunning!!
I love the depth you've captured! I have a series that looks like this, but not with the color, and life that you've photographed.

very beautiful! very well done! congrats on the awards...well deserved!

        Photo By: Kessia & Morgan UVA  (K:7265)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250245) Donor  
5/20/2009 12:02:04 PM

Such power and malevolence in this stunning arrangement my dear Gust@vo. The colour tones are fantastic and I just prefer them to the dark moody mono tones in the attachment. Both versions are excellent with the mono being the more sinister. Well done to you my very dear friend. A HUUUUG and my very best wishes to you as always.......Ray
        Photo By: Gustavo Scheverin  (K:164501) Donor

Critique By: Michael Fox  (K:3180)  
9/7/2007 8:03:06 PM

Gary -- I like the contrast of dark tones to light tones in your photograph. It leads your eyes right through the image. Also, I like your means of framing Teepee Mountain between the two tall, bare-bottomed pine trees.

        Photo By: Gary Dyck  (K:12834)

Critique By: Gayle's Eclectic Photos  (K:91109)  
10/31/2005 7:55:26 AM

Way to go,Yamil!!!! congrats for photo of the day AND SC..both are very well deserved for a most poetic shot with superb claity,details,dof and luminous appealing colors...i have added to my faves and give a 7+
best regards,gayle
        Photo By: Yamil Saenz  (K:12434) Donor

Critique By: Emgy Massidda  (K:60358)  
1/13/2004 4:24:06 PM

Your photos alaways amaze me especially for the excellent lighting and the awesome colours.This is a great one too. A fantastic image, very beautifully captured
Wonderful contrast of the white snoe and the golden tones of the grass.
Fabulous work!
        Photo By: Jan Symank  (K:22030) Donor

Critique By: Kes   (K:20241)  
10/13/2006 2:20:46 AM

Lovely fall colors, Andre! Old places like this sure are nice. This is a great composition with the colorful leaves framing the steps that lead the eye into the shot. I suppose the movie money pays the taxes and then some.
        Photo By: Andre Denis  (K:66407)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250245) Donor  
9/20/2009 1:38:05 PM

A wonderful collection of shots skilfully edited into this perfect collage of this superb tennis star my dear Andre. How do you choose.......Impossible of course and you took the best decision my friend. Excellent mono tones, great details and a lovely variety of poses and expressions. Well done to you. Best wishes, always.....Ray
        Photo By: Andre Denis  (K:66407)

Critique By: Kristina Kohut  (K:49990)  
12/23/2003 8:21:45 PM

Very very beautiful photo! Composition is just soooo perfect, I really LOVE the way you composed it! And the lighter tones in the background really kind of lifts out the foreground which adds a wonderful depth. Also, it looks like very very soft mist or "smoke" or what it's called in english, coming up from the water! Wonderul!!
        Photo By: Jan Symank  (K:22030) Donor

Critique By: Ian Cameron  (K:1163)  
5/29/2010 11:39:48 AM

Hi Marcus

I do landscapes much more than so than wildlife photography. I can honestly say I have not seen a more creative and appealing wildlife shot anywhere, ever. This has enormous sales capacity and must surely be a contender for Wildlife Photographer of The Year. If you haven't entered it already you most certainly should. The reflection of the owl in the rail is what takes it to such a high level.

best wishes Ian
        Photo By: Marcus Armani  (K:36599) Donor

Critique By: Linda Imagefree  (K:72276)  
5/5/2005 5:51:21 PM

Wow, very beautiful and peaceful image. I get lost in it, gorgeous! A wonderful place to dream and play...I love the colors, the trees are beautiful! Wonderful complementary color scheme. Where was this taken, if it's ok to ask? Congratulations on the POD award..I can see why...all the best, Linda
        Photo By: Francesco Martini  (K:12249) Donor

Critique By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23628) Donor  
7/20/2014 12:50:09 PM

gracious of them to allow,.excellent point of focus on centre table,. great colour for available light,. and the smell must of been wonderful adding to the atmosphere,. (i see josh sticks burning),. regards art,.
        Photo By: a. Scarabeo  (K:16333) Donor

Critique By: Ian Miller  (K:9217)  
8/3/2008 2:05:34 PM

A masterpice, as both a photograph, AND a piece of artwork. The cloth gives it an almost canvas like texture to the shot. The colours are both delicate and yet warmly vibrant. Perfectly composed and cropped. Giving the feel of and Old Masterpiece, that one might see in the Tate Britain or The Louvre. Well done.

Will peruse more of your portfolio when I have more time, but I have just bought a cool Canon 85mm lens, and need to go and get my Photo fix. What a great addiction to have, don't you think?

        Photo By: Pr. Persikoff  (K:664)

Critique By: Eb Mueller  (K:24957) Donor  
1/6/2008 2:51:59 AM

Congratulations, Tim! You even manage dramatic cloudscapes in the Antarctic! I still can't get over the irridescent blue ice and the way it contrast with the grey monotones! Works well in the square format, too!
        Photo By: Tim  Schumm  (K:29196)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250245) Donor  
2/11/2014 2:55:02 AM

CONGRATULATIONS Adam, a well deserved award. This is a stunning composition with beautiful tones and all those wonderful cloud images caught up in the coloured glass segments. An excellent original idea beautifully executed. Best wishes my friend.
        Photo By: Adam Orzechowski  (K:2995) Donor

Critique By: Darryl  Barclay  (K:6818)  
5/9/2014 9:15:46 PM

Lee, You have great reason to be proud of both the photo and the moment. You were in the right place, right time, right light, right camera, right lense. Great job.

I did have the chance to see the Endeavor space shuttle arrive at Los Angeles but no photo ops. About 3 months later I did go to the museum and see it up close. That was fun.

Again, congratulations on a job well done. Darryl
        Photo By: Lee Duer  (K:293) Donor

Critique By: Leonie Fitzpatrick  (K:40551)  
11/13/2006 12:56:34 PM

Superb... Stunning... The colour is magnificent... Reminds me of fresh summer peaches...

The DoF, petal edges grab the eye and then draw you on into the photo...

Excellent Mary Sue... Your three awards well deserved...

        Photo By: Mary Sue Hayward  (K:17558) Donor

Critique By: Linda Imagefree  (K:72276)  
10/21/2005 3:27:34 PM

Just an awesomely gorgeous image Ade, and so very well deserving of the dual the slow shutter speed effects on the water...I read your very interesting and informative bio, and have a question about the filters, do you use the polarizer and the grad filter together? I know that's what you said, but when I've done that I haven't cared for the quality of the image, maybe I need to get better filters...can you elaborate on that, and thank you in advance...excellent image and congrats on the awards Ade..Linda
        Photo By: ade mcfade  (K:12388)

Critique By: Bill Telzerow  (K:4993)  
1/31/2007 3:51:32 PM

Great capture Michael! Nothing like being on the "back side" of a Supercell Thunderstorm, commonly known as the Mesocyclone. You've done a great job of capturing the essence of the storm. The sack-like protrusions, caused by negative bouancy you've photographed are at very high levels of the atmosphere, where the jet stream is... They form on the rear Anvil of the Supercell. The Mesocyclone as part of the Supercell Thunderstorm actually rotates, and you've captured this in your photo, by the curvature of the Mammatus... These are the storms that can produce huge Hail, and Tornadoes; Bravo on your capture, and being in the "safe-zone" when you did it.


        Photo By: Michael Kanemoto  (K:22115)

Critique By: So Cal Photograhper  (K:15529)  
9/10/2006 8:35:22 AM

Can you get a little closer next time? Oh my, what some people will do to get a fantastic image. This is the best volcano image I have ever seen other than a filmed image of a volcano with oozing lava. Superb!
        Photo By: Edgar Monzón  (K:827)

Critique By: stingRay pt.4 .  (K:250245) Donor  
9/20/2006 3:07:05 PM

...........................CONGRATULATIONS................. .........................

Well done to you Kes for your well deserved award. You always get such wonderful melancholy expressions on their little faces and I bet that that is the complete oposite to the way they really are. Great poses, superb lighting and a wonderful creative setting, well done to you my friend.

I have had a look through your family shots and envy you at the way they co-operate with you.....all I ever get from my own family is 'don't you point that thing (camera) at me' etc. My neighbours' two children have been posing for me and the camera loves the younger one. I'll post some in October. My very best wishes to you as always......Ray
        Photo By: Kes    (K:20241)

Critique By: AJ Miller  (K:49168) Donor  
10/26/2006 9:34:41 PM

Fabulous shot. Makes this mountain look really wild and high. Nice perspective with foreground and background. The shadow on the foreground really helps it stand out.

Isn't it strange how perspective affects out view? I understand that Stac Pollaidh is about 600m high - a mere hill - but it looks like a really high mountain here. Compare this with the hills above my home in Tarifa, which are actually over 800m high but really do look like hills...

        Photo By: Ian Cameron  (K:1163)

Critique By: Sheila Carson  (K:5924)  
11/20/2006 3:26:29 PM

Beautiful shot! I love the vantage point! The sky is fantastic! The colors with the soft clouds and that perfect sliver of a moon, (not to mention Mt. Rainier perfectly in view) wow! I love everything about Seattle and you captured it well! Congratulations!
        Photo By: Shelly N Alexander  (K:1451)

Critique By: JP Spicer-Escalante  (K:3831)  
10/28/2007 5:44:51 PM

Bogdan, this is a spectacular image of Monument Valley (I live in Utah, where this picture was taken). You have elegantly captured the energy that this locale holds with the deep colors, excellent composition and wonderful capture of light that this image exudes. You are vrey deserving of recognition for this image. Bravo!

        Photo By: Bogdan Lutostanski  (K:59)

Critique By: Gayle's Eclectic Photos  (K:91109)  
3/19/2007 11:27:22 PM

Congrats for POD!...magical image, the angle at which the star trails appear,the luminous blue,and the gorgeous light on the mountain snow...definitely worth the wait on the long exposure!
regards,gayle 7+
        Photo By: Wojciech Wandzel  (K:500)

Critique By: Avi   (K:70138) Donor  
1/26/2008 11:45:45 PM

It is strange how there seems to be light on a small patch on the sand and part of the tree. I don't know whether it is because of some processing lapse or something else. Apart from that this is a beautiful picture, with a moody seaside sunset and the inclusion of human figures to make it complete. Congrats on a great job and well deserved awards.

        Photo By: Nick Lagos  (K:2203)

Critique By: Lori Stitt  (K:75282) Donor  
10/12/2005 2:57:01 AM

This is one of the nicest water movement images I've seen. The various tones and colors are great. The only thing that I find a bit disturbing are the rocks in the top of the photo...too bright, takes away from the calm, peaceful 'feel' of the rest of the scene. (but that's just my opinion)

Maybe, next time a different time of day! (?)

Still, very nice work, great composition.
I especially like (in addition to the moving water) the tones of the water in the foreground.

Very nice work,

        Photo By: Michael Fox  (K:3180)

Critique By: Michael Fox  (K:3180)  
8/10/2007 8:15:47 PM

Very nice colors and textures in this scene. I like the layering of clouds: small patches of denser clouds hanging below the higher level of thin, wispy clouds with patches of clear showing through. Your composition is excellent to maximize the showing of contrast in this scene.
        Photo By: Debjit Ghosh  (K:3494)

Critique By: Brigitte R.  (K:25989) Donor  
1/5/2008 7:38:23 AM

This is a one in a million shot! Reminds me of the great stuff that Galen Rowell did. Hearty congratulations to you... you're a true inspiration to us all! These awards are well deserved. Could I possibly talk you into sharing more of your technique in achieving this exceptional photo?
        Photo By: Debjit Ghosh  (K:3494)

Critique By: Doyle D. Chastain  (K:101119) Donor  
6/20/2007 3:21:44 PM

Nice crisp sihouettes Mary . . . and rich, well saturated color. Prefer this (myself) to the lavendar skies . . . though I know others would disagree. Something about it feels more realistic I guess . . . Excellent work!

Doyle I <~~~~~
        Photo By: Mary Brown  (K:71879) Donor

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