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Photographer: King Chicken  (Karma=1481)

About: Hi!, im 33year old Male and just a beginner in Photgrafy and my spelling not that grate!, Long time now ive allways had an intrest in photografy but never gone for it, now finaly i have, so i brought me a fugi finpix 2mp camra, nice photos!, but i couldent do what i need to do!, so i traded it in on a Sony Cybershot DSC F-717 digatal, much better, but not quiet happy with it, it will do for now till i get more money and get a higher one, SLR,s to expensive so ill stick with point in shoot slr clones!, this is a neat site, so ive finaly joined and started uploading some of my best pics! one per day, thats ok,, i dont know nothing bout photografy, i am self taught, have asked for help, got it,, couldent apply it, so i keep teaching my self, as usaual :)
i did how ever only get, other peoples idears, which ill apply to my own style, basicly there doors that have been open to me as well, and yet way more to open!,. Been doing simple amature photos for bout 8 monts final useing my camera, but i have a problem, i recon its the camera, some pics look fine through eyepice/screen, but when look at pic on PC its out of focus a bit, i have read forums in sony dscf 717 has problem with auto focusing (i use it a lot) now lattly i started to do it manualy, and i hate that it not focuseing porperly, sucks!!! useing full camera telephoto ive found that it stufes the focus range !,, i tryed sony telephoto lense (EXPENSIVE!!!) it made it a little bigger, but the best thing! full telly was perfect! infocus and sharp! normal tele lens 60% at full, with telephoto sony 1.85x, 100%! :)
I like my pics to have life in them, full of coloure and saturated!!! dont like dull coloure, allso i like macro, and useing negtive art and sepia mode as well, dont know what to say els,, will come up more latter i gess,, oo! its 2.29am! had sleeped earlyer, but ill leve with this saying,,

{We can only do with what we got and where we are untill further steps to propel us into the future, we have to settle with what we got.}

all the

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