Photograph By Mark Julian
Mark J.
Photograph By The Pilgrim
The P.
Photograph By Salvador Marķa Lozada
Salvador Marķa L.
Photograph By Greg Sava
Greg S.
Photograph By Mary Brown
Mary B.
Photograph By Jean-Francois Bissonnette
Jean-Francois B.
Photograph By Ayan Mukherjee
Ayan M.
Photograph By Michael Busselle
Michael B.
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imageopolis Photo Projects

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16 Poetry in Pictures

Choose a poem that speaks to you, and make photographs that speak for you. Illustrate the poem as you see fit, preferably in a way such that your photographs enhance or complement the poem. Submit a minimum of three or more images, along with the text of the poem that you are illustrating. This might well be the most challenging project yet posted, so please do your best to make the most of it. It's a chance for you to do some serious thinking about the relationship between photography and other art forms, and perhaps to incorporate some of the sensitivities of poetry into your own photography. Project Idea contributed by Jeremy Tavan

15 Personal Style

Create photographs that you believe are the beginning stepping stones of your own artistic style. What makes your vision special? Show us who you are in your images. Post a series of between 4 and 10 images in total. If you think this is one tough project, well you are quite right. This project is not for the meek. Just for a little added incentive the best project in this category wins a print by Altaf Shaikh. This project ends 11:59 pm November 30. If you choose to skip this project you are really harming your growth as a photographer. The upload limit for this project has been lifted.

14 Fall Colors

This is an easy one, go shoot some gorgeous fall scenery with a twist. Abstracts, leaves, textures, etc. I'm sure most of you already have been outside and shot some wonderful stuff, so let's see what you have added to your portfolio this year. If you are really enjoying usefilm and have not made a donation yet, please take it into consideration.

13 Long Exposure

Long exposures....can be useful to create a ghost-like effect, for nigthtime cityscapes, or merely to compensate for low light levels. September offers many opportunities to play with light. There still is significant daytime light, but nighttime is also readily accessible (without freezing that shutter finger!). See what you can do with it...and expand your photographic literacy at the same time! Be sure to bracket for these odd-timed exposures, as proper metering is often difficult to determine with long exposures. Please attempt this project only with color film. If you have not yet attempted long exposures (those in excess of 2 minutes), ensure that you are aware of the reciprocity failure of your color film and how to compensate for this. To brush up on this topic, why not check out our article entitled Selecting Color Film: A Primer.

12 Dramatic B&W Shadows

Take advantage of the long light hours and the stronger mid-day sun of August and explore the shadows that are present. Instead of avoiding this supposed harsh light of mid-day, why not embrace it and see what you can create in your lens? Use your imagination. Can the shadows add to the graphics of a subject, or is the shadow your subject? Please attempt this project only with B&W film. If you have not yet attempted developing your own B&W film, why not check out our article entitled Basic Developing for B&W Film.

11 The Incredible, Edible Egg

Granted, Easter is past us, but that doesn't mean you don't have a few left in your refrigerator! Be creative, play with the shape and see if you can come up with something interesting...different than just a grocery store ad! Can it be a work of art in and of itself? Can it be a prop for an imaginative new reality? Lets see how you can stretch your photographic muscles on this typical hum-drum breakfast staple.

10 Grainy Film for Effect

Many films are overlooked due to their inherent graininess, but this can be used to the Photographer's advantage! Imagine the possibilities that open up when clarity is avoided, rather than embraced! Many films are naturally pre-disposed towards a grainy effect (Kodak 1000 , Tri-X rated @ 1600 or any high-speed film should do), but any film can be made more grainy by adjusting the development time and temperature. Color or B&W submissions are welcome.

9 Pictures of Our Members

Show us what you look like! (short project for fun)

8 Reflections

Photograph any reflections that you find aesthetically pleasing. The main goal of this project is to find or create something out of nothing. Everyday we pass by reflections and never think how they can appeal to us in very different ways. Please wander or create wonderful images that show us how you perceive the world around you.

7 Maximum Depth of Field

"Using Depth of field" - Projects 6 and 7: Photograph anything using minimum and maximum depth of field. The simplest was to accomplish getting a very shallow depth of field is open up the aperture on your lens e.g. set it to F 2.8 or smallest # f-stop. Try portraits, flowers, insects etc. Play with the DOF by minimizing and maximizing it to see the difference that f-stop selection can make in your images. If you need an example you can look at my flower photographs on the site, they show what a nice soft blurr minimal dof can give your images. If you already have such images upload it to the projects section if you wish to share and tell us a little about what you were trying to accomplish and whether or not you think it can be improved by doing something differently.

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