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Featured Critiques by Photographer 


Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
6/13/2018 9:21:47 AM

Terrific capture of life in action! A kind of frieze of a human moment.....Excellent!
        Photo By: Saad Salem  (K:88994) Donor

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
1/25/2018 9:16:31 AM

A remarkable composition with strong contrasts and a powerful -indeed, apocalyptic- vision. Terrific photograph, quite excellent...
        Photo By: Mesut Yılal  (K:7964) Donor

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
11/12/2017 3:03:26 PM

Terrific detail and color and fine, non-distracting background. Beautiful shot, Tony! Excellent....
        Photo By: Tony Smallman  (K:23840) Donor

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
2/6/2016 7:05:19 AM

The yellow of this lovely spray of orchid just "pops" from the muted background....Wonderful detail and composition...A beauty!
        Photo By: Sylvia H.  (K:21718)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
11/13/2015 8:12:13 PM

Indeed, those bits of sunshine really "pop." Really well-seen, Fabio....
        Photo By: Fabio Keiner  (K:81109)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
11/13/2015 8:10:44 PM

A lovely path that draws the eye into the scene...Beautiful and a bit mysterious too...Very nicely done!
        Photo By: Radovan Magdalenic  (K:32866)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
11/13/2015 8:09:34 PM

A strong composition lends weight to this colorful boat; the layers of color a very lovely. Nicely seen and shot, Hassan. Congrats on your SC!
        Photo By: **Hassan **  (K:557)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
10/13/2015 8:59:39 AM

The image is wonderfully well composed and has a strong range of tones and you have captured the haunting, sorrowful essence of Eleanor superbly...A brilliant interpretation, Art...
        Photo By: Art McCaffrey  (K:23625) Donor

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
10/10/2015 9:41:41 PM

The window is well-framed by the tree, which itself is a terrific textural contrast to the stone and glass...Beautifully done, Sylvia!
        Photo By: Sylvia H.  (K:21718)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
10/10/2015 9:55:31 PM

Indeed, the capture is magnificent! A wonderful composition and a remarkable story...God and the Gods! Superb work....
        Photo By: ARIJIT GHOSH  (K:4375)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
8/18/2015 6:42:56 AM

The detail and color are astonishing in this impressive image...Beautiful work! Congrats on your FP....
        Photo By: Fabio Gon  (K:161)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
8/17/2015 2:28:10 PM

This is so well framed...A really strong sense of the density of forest and the upward reach is just lovely...Very excellent image...Congrats on your BIP, Michele....
        Photo By: Michele Beccia  (K:15494)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
8/11/2015 8:22:06 AM

A magical capture here, Hassan! The frozen droplets of water really emphasize the effort of this gull's elegant take off...Beautifully done!
        Photo By: **Hassan **  (K:557)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
7/4/2015 10:12:12 AM

A most unique and creative image that catches and holds the eye...Gorgeous color contrast, detail, and overall composition. A wonderfully conceived and executed photograph. Brilliant!
        Photo By: Mesut Yılal  (K:7964) Donor

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
5/15/2015 2:45:17 PM

Beautifully captured and handled...A lovely spring softness that is so appealing...Congrats on your SC Award!
        Photo By: Igor Gordobayev  (K:2552)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
3/13/2014 7:17:32 AM

Moody, evocative, and beautifully composed...A remarkable capture!
        Photo By: Sta Lip  (K:374)

Critique By: Barbara Socor  (K:13573) Donor  
7/28/2014 11:18:58 AM

An elegant, thoughtful minimal image...Remarkable work.
        Photo By: Kaveh H.  (K:1165)


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