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Critiques From Leah Falkowski


Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/28/2003 11:18:42 AM

The colors are amazing! I love this photo, good job and the reflection adds more depth and character to the picture
        Photo By: Chris Wenzel  (K:1165)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/28/2003 11:16:59 AM

Colors of the sun are AMAZING! I love the sillouette form of the fisherman. I love the warm feeling I obtain from this photo! Good work!
        Photo By: scott whitelaw  (K:111)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/28/2003 11:04:14 AM

Amazing colors! The moon gives the perfect touch to the photo, the outline draws attention to it. I can't wait until I capture an image like this!
        Photo By: Roy Hooper  (K:899) Donor

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/28/2003 9:15:47 AM

Great image! I love the sharpness and detail in question? How were you so close? haha
        Photo By: Aiman Nassar  (K:11961)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/13/2003 9:31:58 AM

I believe it would have been more powerful if her head was not cut off in the one image.
        Photo By: Fahredin Spahija  (K:98)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/13/2003 9:28:28 AM

I love the pose in this photo! I think the blurred backround suits it very well. (Dog's noses are too cute!)
        Photo By: Tudy Flanburg  (K:42)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/11/2003 11:10:29 AM

I agree...the grain brings more attention to the cat itself while the objects in the backround bring more character and reality to the photo.
        Photo By: martin david brown  (K:25)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/11/2003 10:52:06 AM

Everything is perfect, great photograph!
        Photo By: Kenneth Kwan  (K:3084)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/11/2003 7:41:04 AM

I love the reflections in the water and colors in the sky! Great Location!
        Photo By: Melissa Dehncke McGill  (K:118)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/10/2003 2:59:47 PM

At first glance from thumbnail I thought they were bees! Amazing photograph, crisp and detailed.
        Photo By: Darrin James  (K:3944)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/10/2003 2:52:49 PM

I also agree with Robert. I really enjoy the colors...dramatic it is!
        Photo By: Cal King  (K:64)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/10/2003 2:46:55 PM

I am definatly enjoying the photos I am seeing from a pinhole camera...I think I might try to experiment with one! They have a certain element that others don't
        Photo By: Terry King  (K:163)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/10/2003 2:21:22 PM

Amazing image! I love the softness of the flowers, like they are glistening! Did you use any sort of filter?
        Photo By: Greg Summers  (K:1115)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/10/2003 2:12:00 PM

I like the slight S of the stream...good range of tones with the snow
        Photo By: Alex Ruiz  (K:234)

Critique By: Leah Falkowski  (K:83)  
2/10/2003 12:25:10 PM

This is making me want to look in to using a pinhole camera! I love the view and the shadows!
        Photo By: Terry King  (K:163)


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